The “Art” of Tea Cocktails

First of all, nothing about whatever it was we made for this post could be considered art. Hence the quotations. But we did something, and it involves alcohol and tea. So we’ll call it a cocktail.

A friend of mine asked me to help her with a video she was making. She was gonna get drunk and use tea in the process, so she figured it would be cool to have me in it. I am, after all, a tea expert.

Looking back, she probably wanted someone else to get drunk with her so it wouldn’t be so awkward, and we could share the shame between us. At the time though, I was blinded by the promise of booze and tea before noon. So I agreed and we decided on a date.

I went to class at 8am like always and then, after a brief stop at my favorite liquor store ever (Johnnie Ganem), headed for Shekhinah’s apartment. I know, not your every-day name. But, come on guys. It’s like 2015 or something, get with it. She had told me we were dirking gin and she was providing it, but I still brought a bottle of vodka just in case. What can I say, I was raised right.

We didn’t drink the vodka that day, but it didn’t go to waste. We used ginger tea, which we steeped for about 15 minutes with some lavender thrown in there just because. Add some lime juice and several ounces of gin and you’ve got a pretty good cocktail, all things considered.

We definitely did not do any proper cocktailing for this, and just poured stuff on fancy glasses to feel like we knew what we were doing. But it worked. And it was filmed. And – I regret this already – I’ll let you watch it.


P.S. Go check her blog too!