Mango Tease

Brunch is a fad that I have only recently adopted. Due to the fact that I’m definitely not a morning person – never was, never will be – I have never been fond of breakfast. Breakfast food, on the other hand, I’m a fan of. Really, any type of food. And brunch just seems like the perfect excuse to wake up not to early and pig out before lunch without being judged. And nice brunch places usually have very nice tea.


And so I took my boyfriend to The Collins Quarter. They describe themselves as an Aussie-style café, bar and restaurant, so I thought my boyfriend would enjoy some comfort food (If you don’t know he is Australian, then you haven’t been keeping up with my blog, people).

So we get to this beautiful place, and he immediately goes for the Aussie Breakie. Shocker. Doesn’t even browse the menu. I ordered whatever had the most stuff in it. Shocker. And to wash all the food down we chose to share some tea. Mango tea, to be more precise.

I love fruit. And that has nothing to do with me being gay. I don’t think. Of course not. Probably not. Right? Who knows, really. But that’s not the point. The point is I have always loved fruit, and, growing up in Colombia, fruit has always been a part of my life. It’s comforting and sweet and bitter and delicious. Ok, maybe it has something to do with me being gay. But fruit is something that reminds me of home. And, to me, mango translates to beach. And by translate , I mean that it reminds me of it, people. Focus.


Back home, there’s no better place to eat mango with salt and pepper, at the beach. Vendors will pass by, shouting their wares, and offer you from the whitest tart mango to the sweetest amber ones. If you haven’t guessed by now, I go for the former. And this is what I was thinking of while I drank my tea.


Sweet, fruity, aromatic.

So gay.


Food (read Booze) & Music Fest

This past weekend I went to Miami, Florida, to visit some family. I had to pick up my car at their place and drive it back to Savannah, which is an experience I enjoy dearly. Whenever I arrive in the States I look forward to spending eight hours by myself on a car while trying not to fall asleep so that I can enjoy the sights. And, oh, the sights!


At least I had my boyfriend to distract me. Somewhat. So, once there, I decided to make the most of the trip. It so happens that the F+M Festival was taking place, and so we bought ourselves tickets and tagged along with my cousin and his friends. And by tagged along I mean we went by ourselves and found my cousin a few hours later. We had a blast. There was amazing music, nice food (again, read booze) and, weirdly, a hot tea stand. Heaven.

You must be thinking: No fucking way did he start drinking tea in the middle of a music festival. And, of course, you would be dead wrong. I am nothing if not ridiculously stubborn. My boyfriend though it was hilarious. He was also very drunk, so anything would’ve seemed hilarious to him.

See the picture below as proof.


And so I had my Twining’s Pomegranate & Raspberry Herbal Tea while rocking to Hot Chip’s hits. Never thought I would write a sentence that looked even close to that. But, here we are. And there I was. And, I have to say, it was delightful.

Then again, I was also drunk as fuck, so anything would have seemed delightful. I guess we’ll never know. Cause I couldn’t be bothered.



Hello Tea Bag Enthusiasts


Today I decided I was gonna give green tea a try, and Foxy Loxy Cafe seems as good a place as any to do so. I’ve had it just once before (a week ago, in fact) but I don’t think it really counts. For starters, I was so fucking sick I couldn’t taste a thing.

The best I could do was a nondescript teabag with a “Green Tea” sticker stuck to the front. And to make things better, I used barely warm tap water to get it in me. Definitely not ideal, but it did it’s job, and I was able to enjoy the rest of my time at Universal Orlando.

I say enjoy. More like endure, really. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the parks, but mid January is definitely not the best time of the year for it. Between the rain, the slew of rides closed for maintenance,and my Australian boyfriend’s stomach shooting back everything we threw at it, the trip wasn’t necessarily what I had planned for us. I have to give it to Universal though. There really is no place like The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.


I can act cool about it, and will never wear a wizard robe or wand in polite company. But check my closet and you’ll find a Ravenclaw sweater that goes with everything and an ever growing collection of wands (four at the moment). I love this shit. And The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando is the perfect place for me to geek out without anything holding me back.

This also happened to be my boyfriend’s first time in America, so I went all out and gave him the complete tour. Of the park. He can see the rest anytime he likes.


All in all I think it was worth the four hour drive. And this tea isn’t too bad either. A bit sweeter than other teas, not as bitter. Nice.