Actually Using the Stuff I Bought

It took me about a week before I actually used my new tea products. You might be a bit surprised, but, then again, you don’t know me. Those who do, on the other hand, are pleasantly surprised it only took a week. But you are not here to hear (read?) me talk about my flakiness. Actually, I have no idea what you came here for, but I’m gonna put a limb out there and say that, because of the title of this blog post, maybe not about my flakiness?

Whatever. Id doesn’t matter either way. But I did get to use my steeper (I think that sounds more like it could be name of this thing – still, don’t quote me on it), and so I’ll tell you about it.


Ok, here we go.

I don’t know if you have noticed this, but spring is pretty much upon us.


And, like everything else in Savannah, the weather can’t seem to commit. I’m not really sure myself what that sentence means either, but it makes me sound sassy as fuck – and I like it. What I don’t like is the fact that one day it’s freezing, and the next it’s positively toasty. Worse still: I’ll go out to class at 8am wearing a jacket while freezing my nose, to holding it for the rest of the day because I’m sweating like a pig.

So it should come to no surprise (specially to me) that I always get sick during this time of the year. Queue my teacher giving me a tea that says “Achoooooooooo” on the front, and I have no excuse but to try my new steeping pot (is it still a teapot if it’s plastic and looks like a jug more than a pot?).


And I have to say I love this thing. It’s easy to use, it takes virtually the same time it would take to use a tea bag, but you get to decide how much tea you put in it, and even reuse the leaves if you want to have some more!

The tea helped too, and I’m feeling a lot better now.

Can’t wait to try the others!


Going Loose

I have never actually made tea from scratch. Ok, yes. I have boiled water before and I’m know to enjoy the occasional lime wedge on my tea, but i have always used tea bags. Some nice tea bags and some definitely less nice ones too, but always tea bags. I have indeed had loose tea before (I even had to stop and think what the proper word for it was – shame on me), and I have to say that it usually tastes better than most tea bags. So i decided to commit to this idea of brewing my own tea from the leaves themselves.

I decided to do a ridiculous amount of research – I went to a tea shop and asked around.


The nice lady recommended a beginner’s set that included 4 different loose teas, a measuring spoon to scoop said tea with, a very fancy looking jug to steep said tea in, a little booklet that lets you know exactly how to use said jug to steep said tea, and a few other indispensables for anyone thinking about drinking tea. All of this for the modest sum upwards of $80, which is perfect because, as a student, I have too much money and nothing to spend it on.

Unfortunately, the jug didn’t come in black, so i decided to buy a cheaper steeping jug (I’m guessing this is what you would call this, but I wouldn’t quote me on that if I were you) for about $20. My professor provided the loose tea, so I didn’t have to buy any. My wallet was thrilled by this, and decided to celebrate by buying a fancy measuring spoon. No real reason, I just thought it was pretty as fuck.


And so I am ready to finally brew my own tea! I’m tired though, so I can’t be bothered right now.

Maybe next time.